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From watching my mother in the kitchen and waiting eagerly to be assisted in the areas which I hadn’t yet mastered, I became more intentional about immersing myself  into the art of cake design. Since then I have come to value the mutual joy and delight experienced between myself -the creator, and our clients- the consumer, of each hand-crafted cake.

I’m often asked how my passion for cake making came about and I believe it was an organically grown desire; the more I was exposed to it at home, at events and the wedding celebrations I attended, the more I wanted to explore and express my ever evolving creative passion for cakes.

Coming from a corporate finance background, cake designing has always offered a creative release for me. And I guess my choice to study Art in School whereby Art and Maths were my highest preforming subjects was potentially an indication that being an Accountant wasn’t the only route I would later follow in life- balancing the books with the scales.

So here we are today, having enjoyed developing in the craft through self-taught skills supplemented by tailored techniques acquired along the way, and experiencing a growing demand for the custom cakes I create, this has led its way to establishing Cake Jems- a custom cake company with a vision to bring delight to our clients by creating beautifully bespoke wedding cakes.

I have to be honest, the creativity of cakes is what drew me in, but the baked goodness of being able to create what I refer to as ‘edible art’ is what I thrive on the most. Pursuing a passion which combines contemporary and compelling designs with the fresh flavours of a subtly sweet sponge cake is an exciting journey to be on, and we hope to cater to your cake needs at some point along the way.

Janet x

  • Thank you for creating a lovely centerpiece which captured our wedding concept perfectly. The cake was a stunning attraction and beyond this- it tasted amazing!

    Tayo & Michael
  • A million times, thank you! The cake looked great and tasted even better. So many guests  told me how much they enjoyed the cake. Thank you for being so professional and staying to assist......This is not the last time we will use your service, thank you so much.

    Melia & Arnaud
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