5 Crucial Wedding Cake Considerations

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Wedding cake considerations are highly important in this digital era where there is a vast amount of wedding inspiration at our finger tips.  With all that we have access to, we have been opened  up to more options, more ideas and inevitably more decisions.

How many cake tiers should we have? Which cake flavours will our guests prefer?  What can we do to create a unique cake design concept? How can we remain within our budget?
Although the choice for some may be more straightforward, there are always considerations to bear in mind when selecting your wedding cake and ensuring it meets up to your expectations. We’ve identified 5 key factors to take into account to support you along the way…



1. Your wedding cake needs to compliment your wedding theme

Every wedding has a theme. This may not necessarily be an elaborate or obvious concept but will generally be translated through the reception decor, your wedding stationary and your wedding cake.

It may be a colour theme such as rose gold (always use colour swatches as colours can be perceived differently by different people), a style theme such as classic romance or it could be a themed concept such as vintage glamour.

Whichever theme you decide on should inform the cake design by helping to explore ideas which will tie in with all the other creative elements seen across your wedding. For example;

– colour themes can be incorporated into cake flowers, ribbons or creatively used as the icing colour for the wedding cake itself

– style themes such as classic romance can lend its way to using large flowers on the top-tier or as a flower bed at the base of the cake to tie in with large floral centrepieces seen across the venue

– themed concepts such as winter wonderland can see the use of silver leaf or sequins incorporated into the design of the wedding cake.


2. Your wedding cake needs to be seen

When considering the number of cake tiers and inadvertently the height of your wedding cake, it is important to understand that the size of your reception room really does matter.

A large, grand banqueting room or a ballroom will be better suited to a taller, multi-tiered wedding cake. This will help to ensure that the cake is visible from a distance and compliments the general style and structure of the room. Whereas, a smaller sized reception space such as a function room can allow you to scale down the cake size as necessary.

It is also worth considering using a cake stand and/or cake table decorations such as flowers or candles as this can stylishly enhance the presentation of your wedding cake.

3. Your wedding cake needs to be served
The number of guests expected at your wedding will inform the serving portions. 
The cake offering does not necessarily need to match the number of guests you are expecting unless it will be served together with the meal as dessert, or provided as a take-home treat for your guests in a cake box. It is usually best to decide the least number of servings you want to offer and work from there.
Also, be sure that the cake cutting and serving is assigned to an individual during your wedding planning process so the cake isn’t left undistributed on the wedding day.

4.  Your wedding cake budget needs to be managed

We understand that most of our clients will be working to a strict budget and so we want to ensure you won’t need to compromise heavily on your cake design choices. For example, the choice of fresh flowers, silk flowers and sugar flowers will each attract different price scales and can be a way to manage costs without taking away from the visual appeal of your wedding cake.

The key is to establish your budget and determine the main attractions you would like to have with your wedding cake. This will enable your cake designer to align the two together whilst taking into account points 1, 2 & 3 mentioned above.

5. Your wedding cake designer needs adequate notice

Do not leave it too late before you contact your wedding cake supplier. Not only do you need to ensure their availability but also their ability to have all the cake supplies including those all important  decoration essentials ready to create your bespoke wedding cake. Once you have your wedding date, your venue confirmed  and you have decided on your budget, you are well positioned to begin your wedding cake process.

Custom cakes allow you to create a look that is best suited to your wedding needs; serving your guest numbers, complimenting the ambiance of your wedding reception whilst offering a sweet & stylish touch to your day. During our consultations we cover all of this plus more in order to create a beautifully bespoke cake which is tailored to your needs. If you would like to learn more about our services and how we can support you, get in touch with us today.

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