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Hello & Welcome to Cake Jems!!!

This has felt like a pretty long journey but a journey which has been so worthwhile. It has helped us to understand what we want to represent which we are hoping will resonate through our services, as well as through this blog which we’ve created in order to share some of the conversations and experiences that take place behind the business.

As a wedding cake company we know that there’s more to what we do than the completed cake creation (even though that’s what brings us, and you, the most joy ?)…..so we plan to share a little more insight around the business experiences as we journey forward.

With the majority of our clientele being of African origin, we specialise in stylishly elegant cake designs for the modern couple who appreciate and value the bespoke nature of our wedding cake service. Whether you require us to streamline your ideas & inspirations and interpret this into your ideal  wedding cake, or you have a fully formed design concept you want to bring to life, we aim to ensure each stage of the process is personally tailored to you.


Get in contact with us and let’s discuss your dream wedding cake.



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